About a week ago, I visited stunning island near Sibolga. The island named Mursala. It was great trip because we visited so many beautiful and fantastic objects. Below are some photographs at Mursala, Botot, Kalimantung, and Pandan.


Suasana Sunset di Mursala
3 level
3rd level Waterfall (actually this is the 1st level)
Kalimantung Beach. Crystal water spread surrounding the island.
Princess Runduk Waterfall at Mursala Island. The water flow directly to the sea.
Amazing sunset view at Pandan.

My favourite experience visited Mursala is its sunrise and sunset. After you wake up in the morning, just see to the east and you will find absolutely stunning view. Do not forget to bring camera and play with long exposure. With my G15 I can even play up to 8” shutter stop.

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