Open data & scientific journal

All links below are related to geographical science/GIS/remote sensing journals/geodata and free to access.

1. Journal of transport and landuse

2. Journal of Urban research

3. Free e-book (all contents)

4. Bulletin of Geography (Physical Geography)

5. Journal of maps

6. Open journal of marine science

7. Social geography

8. Applied GIS

9. Journal of GIS

10. Journal of spatial hydrology

11. URISA Journal

12. Journal of Geography and Geology

13. An earth science journal

13. eEarth discussions

14. National geographic indonesia

15. ACME : An International e-Journal for Critical Geographies

16. Confins

17. Download SRTM data 90 meters

18. Peta Moratorium Kehutanan / Peta Indikatif Penundaan Izin Baru (PIPIB) berdasarkan SK. 323/Menhut-II/2011 per 17 Juni 2011(Format shp) –out of date–

19. Scientific Research (Open access) all theme

20. Peta Indikatif Moratorium Kehutanan (Revisi 3 / per November 2012) Download –out of date–

21. Peta Indikatif Penundaan Izin adalah Peta Lampiran SURAT KEPUTUSAN MENTERI KEHUTANAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA Nomor: SK.3706/Menhut-VII/IPSDH/2014 (Download) –out of date–

22. Remote Sensing (eJournal)

23. Sensors (eJournal)

24. Konsesi lahan di Indonesia (Cek disini)

25. Indonesian journal of geography

26. Majalah geografi Indonesia

27. DEMNAS: Elevasi digital resolusi 8 meter seluruh Indonesia serta data batimetri

28. MDPI (Publisher of Open Access Journal)


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