Walking has become my daily habit everyday to go to my office. It only about 370 meters length and usually it takes time only 5 minutes. No matter how near the distance is, I notice certain unique phenomenon from it.

Since I have been obtained my lesson at university, our lectures always said and remind us about space, space, and space. One of them even often said “think globally, act locally” or “be spatial to be special”. So, it means since I enrolled to university, our lectures have created “doctrine” to us for always thinking spatial. Spatial related to space. Space located above the earth surface. In a nutshell, we study about “place matters” and “place awareness” should be placed always in our mind.

The phenomenon which I have said in the first paragraph, must be related to space. But, what kind of phenomenon do I found in my daily walking to office? It related to something which driven the absorption of water. It is slope.

For 200 meters length from multihousing, place where I lived, it is plain terrain. The road formed from hardening process which have sandy textures. This is my favourite tracking route as well.


The next segment’s route rather different from the previous one. For about 90 meters length distance, it has more gradient approximately 35 degrees slope (I have not take the picture yet).

The third segment, is the same for the first one. It has flat slope but narrower than the previous segments. The road take place in the center which are lake in the left side and small swamp in the right side. It would be better to watch your step in this segment. I have ever met phyton snake, biawak, and ayaman. This area is their suitable place for live.

2nd segment

The fourth segment is the most different one. It has high gradient of slope degrees. I assume it has about 50 degrees of slope gradient and only about 25 meters length (flat distance).

4th segment

Although in the fourth segment has only the shortest path, it has the most beautiful view than the others. This picture below is my favorite spot to look the Bah Lias lake.

Nice view

The last segment has the flat one and nothing special because the path is the nearest path from my office. It only has about 55 meters length.


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