One of the local interesting destination in Tegal Regency is Guci. Guci located in the south side of Tegal Regency, in the foot of Mount Slamet. It has beautiful panorama and also cold climate because of the height of its location about more than 1000 meters above the sea surface.

At here, you can enjoy the well-known hot spring water. Many people believe it can heal the disease and relax your mind. Just imagine, the sound of the waterfall, the spatter water, mix with the nature song. How beautiful place it is.

To reach this location, I suggest you to ride the motorcycle with your friends from Tegal City. You can enjoy beautiful view of morphology landscape during your voyage. Nevertheless, you can reach there with public transportation.

After I had visited there, I also suggest you to bring your own umbrella. It is unpredictable weather. Just try and enjoy it! _bovendigoel@gmail.com_

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