The Beauty of Bengkulu’s West Coast

Bengkulu has so many exited beach, especially in the west side (of course because only in this side we can find the beach), where the sea line of its province facing the Hindia Ocean. The picture above, I took it on April 2009. Exactly the picture above, take place in the beach which  called Kasuk Beach (Pantai Kasuk). This place is not far from our camp when we take the 3rd field work in Bintuhan.

Actually, not far from its location, in the south side, Bintuhan also has another beauty beach like Linau Beach. But according to me, Kasuk also has the  special things that will attract everyone with its beautiful view and situation. One things that Kasuk is very special is it has lagoon which limiting the beach with the surrounding area. The measure (height of surface sea) of its lagoon is depending on the condition when in the morning or in the afternoon. If you like the shrimp, you can also searching for it on its lagoon. Many people here fishing the shrimp at night.  Not like beach in common, Kasuk beach is free because it is not like a tourism beach destination. But I think for few years later this beach will counted as a tourist destination, like Linau Beach.

Kasuk beach has the beautiful view of paradise. The wave is moderate and it has white sand as you can see on the picture above. The location is not far from settlements. The accessibility to its location is easy and not rather expensive. You can take public bus transportation to Bengkulu via west road of Sumatra (Jalur Lintas Barat). Bintuhan located in the south side of Bengkulu Province. It is the 1st city we met if we passed through the west road of Sumatra.

So, if you like to travelling or backpacking to the beach, I suggest you to try this location.

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